Abstract:This paper aims to highlight the problematic environment of emerging technologies, proposals or better configured to be immersed in the dynamics of neoliberal systems and tension with the decolonial movement. The methodological route in the first place indicates the panorama of the decolonial, showing the difference with decolonization, approaching the need for a movement of freedom in the way of acting and thinking. Second, the conceptualization of emerging technologies, emerging practices and emerging pedagogies. Lastly, the critique of decolonial to emerging pedagogies.

Title: Overview of Intelligent Methods for the Design of Mechanical Engineering Systems

Abstract:The application of Neural Networks based on Artificial Intelligence has perceived various engineering-based fields like intelligent based management, intelligent based mechanical systems, machine vision, pattern recognition-based systems, data process are the various applications of AI. The adaption of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) remains within the earlier stage of development particularly within the field of engineering. In this paper, a review on the applications of ANN within the intelligent engineering systems like diagnosing of faults in machines, the analysis of mechanical structure, pure mathematics modelling of the mechanical structures, Intelligent based mechanical analysis, mechanical style and its applications, optimisation of intelligent based mechanical design are studied and presented more clearly. This review points out the various applications of ANN in intelligent based systems and wherever it\'s the possible to attenuate the efforts and time and to get an efficient mechanical style and fault identification system is also proposed.

Title: Phosphate-accumulating potential of bioflocculant-producing microorganisms of the aquatic ecosystems in Arctic Region

Abstract:The aquatic ecosystems of the Arctic part of the Russian shelf, including bodies of fresh water, are characterized by unique geophysical conditions that determine the extreme properties of the environment. The hydroecosystems of the Arctic region, which are vulnerable by their nature, as well as the aquatic ecosystems of other geographical zones, are equally exposed to anthropogenic pollution, but in their case it is much more difficult to cope with pollution means. Improvement of the state of water bodies, including those used for trout breeding, as well as increase of their regenerative potentials is possible only through optimization of biochemical processes of transformation of pollutants. The processes of self-purification of natural water bodies are caused by numerous physical, chemical and mechanical factors, but are carried out by aquatic biota, primarily organotrophic bacteria. It is microorganisms that consume substances that are pollution for other hydrobionts in the course of their life [1]. It is obvious that organisms living in extreme conditions of the Arctic region have formed adaptations to them and can have unique properties, and, consequently, a great biotechnological potential. The study of the role of indigenous microorganisms in reducing the level of anthropogenic pressure on the Arctic ecosystems is very relevant. In this work the phosphate-accumulating ability of microorganisms� groups that synthesize bioflocculant is estimated. The influence of several different factors on the processes of phosphate accumulation is researched via modelling of the cultivation conditions. In the experiment, microorganisms with flocculating activity of more than 60 %, belonging to the bacteria of the Pseudomonas and Aeromonas genera, previously obtained from various aquatic ecosystems, were used. The growth rates of each culture on the media of different composition varied within 2-3 orders of magnitude and correlated with the relative phosphorus content in the medium. The formation of floccules in non-replaceable nutrient media with phosphorus content from 120 to 980 mg/l occurred in the period from 5 to 10 days of cultivation. The rate of flakes formation did not depend on the concentration of phosphorus in the medium. The ability of microbial cultures to mobilize different forms of phosphorus, along with the bioflocculant-producing activity, was influenced by the concentration load and the duration of cultivation of the strains.

Title: Behavior of Neutrons and Gamma Radiation During Penetration in some Shielding Materials

Abstract:Radiation measurements with mixed field from neutrons and gamma radiation are complicated. In the recent work, two types of neutron sources (252Cf and Pu-α-Be) have been used. The neutron spectra of these sources have been traced using neutron/gamma spectrometer with stilbene scintillator. This spectrometer could discriminate between pulses produced by recoil proton and those produced by recoil electron using a double different method. Measurements were performed to study the dependency of slow neutron and gamma in polypropylene and steel on the spectrum shape of the radiation penetration. A BF3 and TLD-600 detectors measured the slow neutron flounce and TL-Intensity, while TLD-700 detectors measured the gamma TL-Intensity. The slow neutron flounce and total TL-Intensity for neutrons and gamma were measured behind different thicknesses of the investigated materials. The measuring values gave the form of distribution relations, which indicates the dependency of dose value on the incident field and the atomic weight of the penetrated material.


Abstract:In this paper, by using Mawhin\'s continuation theorem of coincidence degree theory and analysis techniques, we prove the existence\nand uniqueness of a T-periodic solution for the fourth-order neutral functional differential equation. An example is also provided to illustrate our main result.

Title: Identifying at-risk undergraduate students using Biographical and Enrollment Observations

Abstract:There is serious concern at South African institutions over the low pass-rate of Black students\nin the fields of science despite the strategies implemented to deal with the problem. Students’\nperformance are influenced by their biographical associations and previous performance\namong other external factors. In this research we use a Bayesian approach to identify at-risk\nstudent biographical profiles by contextualising the student using biographical and enrollment\nobservations. The main contributions of this paper are: (a) a data driven indication of the\ninfluence of four biographical characteristics (i.e. gender, spoken home language, home\nprovince, and race description) on student aggregates; (b) a trajectory of student performance\nwith respect to biographical characteristics over the period 2008 to 2017; and finally, (c) a list\nof biographical profiles explicitly indicating a Bayesian probability of failing to complete the\nminimum requirements for a Mathematical Science degree given the biographical profile. The\nresults showcased at-risk biographical profiles with a Bayesian estimate that was greater than\n0:7 for failing to complete the requirements for a degree in the Mathematical Sciences. From\nthis list the majority of the at-risk biographical profiles were female; at-risk biographical\nprofiles specified English (29%) and South Sotho (13%) as being eminent spoken home\nlanguages; MP (17%), GA (14%), FS (13%) and NW (13%) as being notable provinces; and\nfinally, the majority of at-risk biographical profiles have an associative Black race description\n(71%), followed by Coloured (12%), Indian (7%), White (9%), and Chinese (1%).

Title: Intermediate spaces governed by $C_0$-semigroups of operators

Abstract:In this paper, we consider some characteristic of interpolation spaces of Banach spaces, and establish some\n simple properties for interpolation spaces associated with the domain of a generator of a $C_0$-semigroup,\n which is applicable for the maximal regularity and the existence of solutions of abstract Cauchy problems of parabolic type with unbounded operators.

Title: Comparative Preliminary Phytochemical Screening on Nagaradi Kashaya (Decoction) and Daruparpatadi Kashaya (Decoction)

Abstract:It is a global trend that medicinal plants play a major role for providing health benefits more safely to human. However, the complex composition of medicinal plant based drugs has a major challenge for quality control. Majority of Ayurveda preparations are plant based drugs. Therefore, phytochemical analysis is the most important part for standardization of these medicinal plant based drugs. Two most important decoctions i-e Nagaradi Kashaya (decoction) and Daruparpatadi Kashaya (decoction) were selected from the Ayurveda Pharmacopoea. These two compound preparations are commonly used in the treatment of respiratory tract diseases. Preparation of decoctions and phytochemical study both were done at the Institute of Indigenous Medicine, University of Colombo, Rajagiriya. This comparative phytochemical study revealed that the both compound preparations contained Alkaloids, Tannins and Phenolic compounds, Terpenoids and steroids, Flavonoids, Cardiac Glycosides, Saponins, Carbohydrates, and Amino Acids. In most instances sample of Daruparpatadi decoction reveals high response to the phytochemical tests than the sample of Nagaradi decoction. Therefore, it can be concluded that Daruparpatadi decoction potentiate more than Nagaradi decoction for the respiratory disorders.

Title: Mathematical Models of the Ice Growing in the Coastal Zone of the Arctic Seas

Abstract:Relatively general model and the effective algorithm for calculation of the ice growth in shallow water in the salinity seas are proposed. This model considers the following factors: the dependence of seawater salinity on a changing salt portion rejected\nduring ice formation in shallow water, the dependence of phase transition temperature on the water salinity, a variation of the heat flux from water to a freezing front, as well as the impact of a snow cover height and the thermal conditions on its surface.\nAn algorithm for the numerical solution of model equations based on the front-tracking method is proposed. Results of computational experiments are illustrated by examples of\nsea ice growth calculations in shallow water also calculations of the ice salinity and the phase transition temperature at different points of time for different depths. The proposed\nmathematical model of the ice growth dynamic in shallow water is important for the Arctic shelf field development issues as well as the ice-hydrological and meteorological researches.

Title: Application prototype for the detection or diseases in tomatoe crops

Abstract:The terminal work presented comprises the application prototype for image recognition that allow us to identify diseases in tomato crops based on image recognition through deep learning techniques. A classification efficiency of 98.82% is achieved.