Title: Gallstone ileus in a diabetes mellitus patient: A Case Report

Abstract:Gallstone induced small bowel obstruction is a rare condition but devastating disease, which usually occurred in obesity or NSAID-chronic-using patients. The poor controlled diabetes mellitus is a significant risk factor to hind the typical sign and symptoms of gallstone ileus. These patients may have high risk of sepsis and death. Here, we present a case of a 89-year-old male who presented with diabetes mellitus type 2 under irregular controlled came to the emergency room with diffuse abdominal dull pain. The pain initially localized epigastric area and progressed to diffuse abdomen without radiating to the back. After surveying, the abdominal plain film revealed ileus pattern and abdominal computed tomography showed gallstone ileus. This paper also describes the clinical features of gallstone ileus and highlight the atypical symptoms in diabetes mellitus patient for physicians to timely intervention for sepsis.

Title: Comparison of On-pump and Off-pump Revascularization; Options in chronic dialysis-dependent patients

Abstract:Backgraound: End stage renal disease (ESRD) is considered to be an independent risk factor for early and late survival after coronary artery bypass grafting. Perioperative death ranges from 5% to 20% in ESRD patients, which is roughly 3-fold greater than that in non-ESRD patients. Objectives: Retrospectively analyzed the peroperative morbidity and mortality rates, and short-term results of dialysis patients undergoing isolated off-pump coronary artery by-pass surgery (OPCAB) at our institution in the past 8 years and compared clinical outcome with that of dialysis patients undergoing isolated conventional on-pump coronary artery by-pass surgery (ONCAB) during the same time period. Design:Fifty-five patients requiring dialysis who underwent coronary bypass graft surgery (CABG) at our institution from 2000-2017 were enrolled in this study. Patients (Materials) and Methods: ONCAB was performed for 74 patients and OPCAB for 36. Comparisons were made between patients undergoing on-pump and off-pump bypass surgery with respect to demographics, risk factors, and outcomes. Main outcome measures: This study compares outcomes of coronary artery bypass grafting in dialysis patients with on-pump and off-pump techniques. Results: Groups were compared in terms of peroperative characteristics, transfusion requirement, blood loss and duration of intensive care unit stay was statistically significantly higher on ONCAB group from OPCAB group. (p<0.05 ) Postoperative CK and CKMB values of ONCAB group was significantly higher from OPCAB group (p=0.003). Postoperative CK of ONCAB group was observed to have a statistically significant increase from preoperative values (p<0.05). Conclusion; When compared to conventional ONCAB group, OPCAB patients had less drainage, shorter intensive care unit stay, lower CK and CKMB elevation, and less requirement of IABP in patients reguiring dialysis.

Title: Modeling of the SP75 Photovoltaic panel Generator by OrCadPSpice

Abstract:In Morocco, agriculture is the main source of life for most people. Such as, to irrigate agriculture, they use engines that consume fossil energy to pump well water [1]. While, this means of irrigation is not profitable because of the high cost of the fuels used [2]. More, it has serious consequences on our environment. For this reason, we thought about applying alternative energy, which responds well to the problems mentioned. This is photovoltaic energy (PV) through the installation of PV pumping stations for agricultural irrigation and domestic use [3-4]. The choice of this type of energy was based on several factors: Sunny region, moderate temperature, this energy is profitable. Our contribution will be at the level of scientific research through the study of the operation of PV installations (efficiency, loss of power ...) and the application of prototypes made in the laboratory to optimize the operation of these PV installations.


Abstract:Nutritional Balance in feed is very important in order to improve the efficiency of feed. The use of oil in omnivore fish can serve as a spare protein energy provider in addition to carbohydrates. Efforts to replace some of the protein functions as an energy source, by feed oil supplements from coconut flesh combined with candlenuts, with or without added of trace element Se, thus improving the optimum use of protein in freshwater fish. This study aims to determine the physiological and biological features of feed formula (low protein 28%) with fat and selenium supplementation and to get the ratio and type of fat (saturated and unsaturated) compared with high protein (32%), which can increase feed efficiency of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fingerling phase. The preparation stage found that coconut fat supplements were dominated by saturated fatty acid as lauric (42.67%), whereas candlenut fats contained unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic (34.4%) and oleic (48.99%) so the use of candlenut oil (0%, 2% and 4%) can increase the ratio of unsaturated fatty acids in feed. Treatments consist 6x3 with Completely Randomized Design by ratio of unsaturated fat and saturated fat supplement Se. R1 low protein feed without supplements; R2 and R3 low protein feed containing ratio of unsaturated-saturated fat 1:1 (mixture of oil) without and with addition of Se, and then R4 1:2 (coconut oil); 2:1 (candlenut oil) and R6 high protein without of fat supplements 2:3, produces normal physiological (hematologic and digestive) images for tilapia health. The main research (feeding trial) showed that low protein feed containing ratio of unsaturated-saturated fat 1:1 (coconut and candlenut mixed-oil were 2% of each) with the addition of selenium 0.15 ppm, was the best feed efficiency in tilapia ranged from 50.14-57.93% and protein efficiency ratio 1.72 - 2.06.

Title: Establishment and Effectiveness of the Power Transmission Line Fault System of Taiwan�s Power Grid

Abstract:This paper mainly introduces the “power transmission line fault distance measuring system” of Taiwan Power Company. It utilizes and applies the auxiliary function of the established digital relays to power transmission line fault locating and detection. Since 2005, the system has counted the power transmission fault events and analyzed the errors between the calculated fault location and the actual fault location. Results show that the system has high accuracy, efficiency and engineering practicability to maintain the power supply reliability of the power grid and not increase the work load of the operation personnel. In the following contents, this paper will explain how to apply the auxiliary function of the established digital relays to construct the system, as well as how to calculate the fault location and the tolerances as fast as possible. The final part will further illustrate the case statistics.

Title: Advance Version of DSR for Partially Connected Adhoc Network

Abstract:Ad-hoc network is constructed by a group of mobile nodes upon a wireless network interface. As routing is the major concern in today’s scenario, different routing protocols are proposed e.g., DSR, AODV, TORA, .etc. These protocols works only with the assumption that when source and sink nodes are present in same network. In this paper a new approach is proposed in which the source and sink node are present in two separate different networks. This approach has been evaluated on three different parameters and compare with the existing DSR and these parameters are throughput, packet drop-count, and packet receive.


Abstract:Pakistan like other developing economies has adopted trade liberalization policy to integrate her to the global economy and undertake fiscal reforms to be able to complete her trade liberalization programs. Pakistan has reduced its tariffs in the economic history and efforts have been made to recover the fiscal cost of the trade liberlisation in the country. The objective of present study is to explore the fiscal cost of trade liberlisation in Pakistan. Using data 1951-2015 of tax revenues of Pakistan and identified 11 episodes of tariff reductions in the economic history of the country and consider whether Pakistan is able to recover those lost revenues through other tax resources. The findings of the study shows that although Pakistan being having lower tax capacity but the economy having tax friendly atmosphere and enough tax capacity to recover the loss of revenue with a short time period of 2 years and simultaneously within 10 years’ time period as well therefore it is needed to improve the performance of Tax collectors through tax reforms and fair and sound fiscal and monetary policies. It is imperative in the long run, Pakistan economy having a capacity to recover the loss of revenue resulted of the trade liberlisation policies. Therefore Trade liberlisation policies adopted by Pakistan are favorable for the economic welfare of the country. It is suggested to encourage trade liberalisation policies accompanied with continue supportive monetary and fiscal policies to improve environment and trade facilitation focusing CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) routs as well.

Title: Evaluation the Inhibition Efficiency of a New Inhibitor on Leaded Bronze Statues from Yemen

Abstract:In the present study, the effect of a novel compound, sodium (Z)-4-oxo-4-p-tolyl-2-butenoate (SOTB), has been evaluated as a corrosion inhibitor for an antique bronze object. Stored or displayed archaeological bronze artifacts suffer from corrosion processes leading to destruction in uncontrolled environments; especially chloride ions. Consequently, developing novel and safe inhibitors to protect bronze is of a great importance. The corrosion inhibition efficiency of leaded bronze was evaluated in 3.5% NaCl, using the electrochemical techniques. The electrochemical study proved that the highest inhibition efficiency is achieved at 200 ppm of about 92%. The results indicated that the protection occurs via the adsorption of the SOTB on the metallic surface, and the adsorption energy has been calculated. The obtained promising results at 200 ppm are applied to four archaeological statues made of leaded bronze from Yemen from Gabal Al- Lawd site, Al-Gawf. The surface was subjected to SEM, EDX, IR and XRD to characterize the corrosion products and the effect of the inhibitor on the corrosion of leaded bronze objects.


Abstract:EFECT OF THE NUTRIENT CONCENTRATE IN RATION TO PERFORMANCE OF LOCAL CHICKENS \n\nAbun1, Tuti WIDJASTUTI1, Kiki HAETAMI2, and Rachmat WIRADIMADJA1\n\n1Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Universitas Padjadjaran, Jalan Raya Bandung-Sumedang KM. 21, 45363, Sumedang-West Java, Indonesia, (phone) +6222 7798241, (fax) +6222 7798212.\n2Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Universitas Padjadjaran, Jalan Raya Bandung-Sumedang KM. 21, 45363, Indonesia, (phone) +6222 7798241, (fax) +6222 7798212.\n\nCorresponding author email: abunhasbunap@gmail.com; \nabun_hasbuna.fapet @ yahoo.co.id\n\n\nABSTRACT\nEfforts towards improving the quality of shrimp waste are through bioprocess using Bacillus licheniformis service, Lactobacillus sp. and Saccharomyces cereviseae, to obtain a quality product (Nutrient Concentrate) to meet the needs of local chickens nutrition. The objective of the study was to obtain an effective level of use of Nutrient Concentrate in the local chicken ration of the growth phase. Research using experimental method in laboratory. The experimental design used was a complete randomized design, consisting of 6 treatment rations (R0 = low protein ration (15%), R1 = Ransum containing 5% concentrated nutrient, R2 = Ration containing 10% concentrate nutrient R3 = Ration containing 15% nutrient Concentrate R4 = Ration contains 20% concentrate nutrient, and RS = high protein ration (18%)) and each is repeated 5 times. The data were analyzed by variance and the differences between treatments were tested by Duncan\'s multiple-range test. The results of the research were: (1) The best growth of local chickens (consumption of ration, weight gain, and ration efficiency) was given by ration containing 10% concentrate nutrient (15% ration protein) and equivalent of high protein ration (protein ration 18 %), and (2) Nutrient concentrates can be used up to 20% in a local chicken ration of growth phase without affecting chicken health (erythrocytes = 1.87-2.20 × 106, leukocytes = 29.08-37,72 × 103, and hematocrit = 30.80-33.80%).\n\nKeywords: Bioprocess, shrimp waste, concentrate nutrient, performance, local chicken.

Title: The Multi-Processor Systems with Fixed Priority Arbiter to Solve the Data Traffic

Abstract:Buses are one of key communication channel between function units and inside memory blocks of processors to deliver data or commands. Advancement, if the jobs are executed by multiprocessor systems, the bus management is very important and it is depended by the arbitration strategy. In this paper, we issued the methodology of bus traffic, fixed priority ambition, that based system-on-chip and to combine to two DLX processors both having 32-bit and to be emulated in ARM SoC (System-on-Chip) Designer simulation tools. For convenience control the traffic scheme among cores, we accomplished a fixed priority arbiter. Through the bus race experiment, we obviously obtained the follows result while the duty times are increasing, but the numbers of bus collusion are not obviously grown. The results are very valid while multi-cores designing.