Title: The effects of market orientation on the performance of Vietnamese startups: A case study in Hanoi

Abstract:The study of the impact of market orientation on the performance of Vietnamese startups was conducted based on the collection of survey data from 271 startups in Hanoi that were established in the period 2016 - 2018. Data collection was carried out from November 2019 to May 2020. Collected data was processed on SPSS20 software and estimated by linear regression method count. In this study, the authors consider the impact of factors in market orientation including (1) competitor orientation; (2) customer orientation; (3) the inter-functional coordination orientation and startup characteristics such as seniority, how field of activity affect startup performance. On that basis, the study proposes a number of suggestions to lead to the success of start-ups in Hanoi in particular and in Vietnam in general.

Title: Effect of Induced Hyperprolactinemia on The Thymus Glands: A Histological and Immunohistochemical Study

Abstract:Background: Prolactin is a protein hormone, as well as a cytokine, which is synthesized and secreted from specialized cells of the anterior pituitary gland, named lactotrophs. as well as the fact that PRL is synthesized in many extrapituitary tissues. Among these sites of PRL synthesis are cells of the immune system, such as macrophages, natural killers, and T- and B-lymphocytes. Aim: This study aimed to demonstrate the histological and immunohistochemical alterations of the thymic gland T- cells in hyperprolactinemic adult male mice for different durations. Experimental design: Fifty mice were divided into five groups; group I: control mice, groups II, III, IV and V: were injected i.p. with metoclopramide for different durations 2, 4, 7 and 10 weeks, respectively. Results: A highly significant hyperprolactinemia and gradual significant increase in the body weight of mice groups II, III, IV and V was recorded. hyperprolactinemia mice group II for 2 weeks showed slight histological alterations in mice thymus tissues. hyperprolactinemia mice group III for 4 weeks illustrated a marked severe thymic involution .While hyperprolactinemia mice groups IV and V for 7 and 10 weeks illustrated clearly histological changes in the thymic tissues and their change were a time dependent. IHC study expressed intense immunoreactivity to CD4+/ CD8+ T-cells (helper and cytotoxic T cells, respectively) in the thymus tissue of control group (I) while in all hyperprolactinemia mice groups (II-V), CD4+/ CD8+ T-cells immunostain were markedly reduced. In conclusion, the present study revealed that HPRL lead to histological alterations in the thymus glands that were time- dependent, and subsequently lead to highly significant decrease in CD4+/ CD8+ T-cells. Therefore, metoclopramide should not be used for long duration, and must be used with caution as a therapy.

Title: Ovalization and Critical Ovalization of Round-hole Tubes with a Redundant Hole Submitted to Cyclic Bending

Abstract:This article presents the ovalization and critical ovalization of round-hole tubes (RHT) with a redundant hole (RDH) submitted to cyclic bending. In this study, 6061-T6 aluminum alloy round-hole tubes (Al-RHTs) with a fixed hole diameter of 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 mm were drilled to acquire an RDH of the same size on the same cross section but at different positions: 45°, 90°, 135°, and 180°. It was found that the ovalization–curvature curve demonstrated ratcheting, asymmetrical, increasing, and bowtie-like trends as the number of cycles increased. The RDH position showed substantial influence on the relationship. Furthermore, larger hole diameters caused larger tube’s ovalizations. Although the Al-RHTs were tested with five different hole diameters and different RDH positions, the relationship between the critical ovalization and the controlled curvature relationships in a log–log scale displayed nonparallel straight lines for each hole diameter. Finally, a theoretical formula was proposed to simulate the above relationships. The simulation result was compared with the experimental results, and it was found that the theoretical analysis could reasonably reproduce the experimental results.


Abstract:Neutralism is an absence of any interaction between members of a mixed population. i.e, The species may be living side by side but are unaware of each other and also cause no harm or nor beneficial to each other. A real life example is rabbits, deer, frogs live together in a grass land with no interaction between them. This paper is devoted to an ecological study on three species neutralism. Here all the three species S1, S2 and S3 posses limited resources and with growth rates. The model equations constitute a set of three first order non-linear simultaneous differential equations. Criteria for the asymptotic stability of all the eight critical points are established. The system would be stable if all the characteristic roots are negative.

Title: Formulation of Stochastic Fuzzy Bi-level Linear Programming Problems

Abstract:Some bi-level linear programming problems are proposed under randomness and fuzziness. In this paper, we have introduced stochastic fuzzy bi-level linear programming problems with the right hand side parameters of the constraints in both first level\nand second level as cauchy random variables with known probability distributions. Rests of the model parameters are assumed to be triangular and trapezoidal fuzzy\nnumbers. After removing the randomness and fuzziness, the crisp equivalent deterministic bi-level programming models are established by using Mellin transformation. Then the models are solved by using K-th best approach. \nTo exemplify the utility of the proposed methodology a numerical example is demonstrated


Abstract:Nowadays, all companies are looking for ways to ensure that the products they manufacture are of the highest quality and that they meet all expectations of customers, thus to increase their satisfaction. It should be noticed however that the business environment, customer expectations, and the products of competitors are changing. Furthermore, production technologies and machines are becoming obsolete. It is therefore necessary to seek new solutions and improve what is done. To achieve this goal, various types of quality management or improvement tools can be used, e.g. the 8D Report. The aim of this paper was to analyze the production problems occurring during the production of window slides with use of the 8D Report in a company producing stamped metal parts for the automotive and home appliance industries. This analysis was carried out based on complaints submitted by the main business partner. Once the main cause of the problem was identified, permanent corrective actions were planned and implemented according to the 8D Report, which helped also to reduce the likelihood of recurrence of this and similar problems. The case studied demonstrated that combination of the knowledge and experience of the team, the application of modern quality tools offers concrete and measurable effects and allows to solve problems, which before the preparation of the Ishikawa diagram, the Pareto chart, and the 8D Report were considered impossible to solve by the employees of the enterprise studied.

Title: A Comparative Study Of Different Techniques, Applied For Calculating The F.Q.I. Of Egyptian Cottons - Crop 2016

Abstract:In this work, 10 (ten) commercial cottons attributes were studied experimentally via HVI instrument & Image Analyzer. It was found: highest Mpa (414) concerns G92 while the lowest Mpa (315) concerns G90. The largest breaking extension EL% is 8.4 (G90), the smallest is 6.3 (G96). The max. Toughness Index (TI) = 14 Mpa (G86), the min. one = 12.34 (G45). The largest UHM = 36.7 mm.(G93)., the least value =29.8 mm(G90). The highest measure of UI% = 88.1% (G45), the smallest = 84.1% (G90). Also, it was recorded, max. nep potential 2666(G45) while the min. value = 1802 (95) with increment 48% the color reflectance Rd% was varying from 55.7% (G88) to 78.9% (G94), while yellowness +b is changing from 8.4 (G92) to 11.8 (G90 & G95).\nThe values of F.Q.I. via SCI, Efm & Eft were 222, 23 & 585 respectively as max. values (G45). The min. values of these measures were: 200, 14 & 356 respectively (G95). Clearly, the G45 cotton is the king of Egyptian cottons. New generation [G96] is promising cross variety. In our POV**, the SCI measure is the more: applicable, reliable, efficient and powerful measure for F.Q.I. ***\n** POV –point of view.\n*** F.Q.I. – Fiber Quality Index.

Title: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND HUMANIST CHALLENGES Publications and statistics of what has been written

Abstract:This article presents in an academic way, a study that allows us to observe the number of articles that have been created in artificial intelligence since 2015 and how their growth has been dizzying. As opposed to the number of articles in human sciences, which have remained stable. What is appreciated is that there are challenges for the social sciences teacher, which is not the same in engineering and other hard sciences. This is a product derived of the research Project of the Universidad Militar Nueva Granada Inv Hum 3184- Artificial intelligence and bioethics. Humanistic challenges and bio-legal implications of robotics (2015-2019) Bogotá, Colombia. Research group name “Leadership”.

Title: Economic Management and Environmental Protection in the Siberian North of the USSR in the 1960s-1980s

Abstract:In today\'s world, there is a growing interest in the northern territories. This is not least due to climate change. According to many scientists, these changes will make the natural resources of the North more accessible to human activities. This makes it relevant to determine ways to further develop the North and the Arctic based on the experience already accumulated in this area.\nThis article analyzes the experience of the Soviet Union in the development of the Siberian North and determines its relevance for the formation of the current Russian policy of development of the northern territories. In the XX century, the role of the North has changed. The development of the northern territories became an important socio-economic and political goal of the Arctic States. As one of the leading Canadian Northern scientists, J. Stager aptly noted: \"New technology has turned the physical, geographical, and biological elements of the northern landscape into resources.\" The 20th Party Congress, which went down in history by debunking the cult of Stalin\'s personality, decided to \"accelerate the development of rich natural resources in the eastern regions\" at the highest state level. It was about a radical change in the place of Siberia in the country\'s economy. The ideal model for the development of the North of Siberia was associated with the industrial development of its raw materials. In fact, the industrialization of the region was identified with the rationalization of economic management in the North, that is, the industrial development of the territory a priori meant the rational use of natural resources.\nThe Siberian North was rapidly becoming industrial and urban. The scale of development of the northern territories required planning and implementation of science-based approaches to the integrated socio-economic development of the region taking into account its characteristics. This was one of the most important problems. Very often, in relation to the North, the so-called \"midland pattern\" was applied. That is, when developing many issues of technical equipment and organization of production in the regions of the North, the specifics of the region, its natural, socio-economic, demographic, and other features were not taken into account. This reduced the efficiency of management in the North and led to many social, economic, and environmental problems. In order to effectively develop the Siberian North and preserve its natural environment, it was necessary to develop a regional policy in all its aspects: economic, scientific, environmental, etc. It did not happen. It was impossible to overcome the \"midland pattern\" in the Soviet period.\nThis experience should be taken into account by the current Russian state. In developing the Russian North, it is necessary to rely not only on the vertical of power and state corporations, but also on civil society. This will help avoid many environmental problems in the future when moving further into the Arctic.

Title: Laser Surface Texturing: A Review

Abstract:Laser surface texturing is one of the recently developed key technologies for the generation of\ntextured surfaces on different kind of materials ranging from ceramics, composites, metals and\nalloys, etc for various functional applications. This process uses laser beam to scan over the\nrequired surface at different scan patterns and beam energy. Laser surface texturing shows a\nsignificant improvement in the tribological properties of the material as compared to other\nmethods of texturing. Low coefficient of friction, wear resistance, good adhesion strength are\nsome of the potential improvements with the help of laser surface texturing. The paper presents\nthe indepth study of laser surface texturing considering its various intended applications in the\nfields such as tribology, biomedical applications and materials coating. The effect of various\naspects of laser texturing on based on applications was studied and critically reviewed.