Abstract:The notion of administrative justice, its content, backgrounds of establishment and its main models were examined in the article. It was envisaged significance and functions which administrative justice performs for public administration. Different approaches of definition of administrative justice in both in common law countries and in civil law countries on the example of Ukraine were provided in the article. It was proposed a definition of administrative justice for both common law and civil law systems.

Title: Dietary supplements to ameliorate the androgen deficiency syndrome in men

Abstract:Androgen deficiency syndrome (ADS) comprising consistently low testosterone levels due to disorders of the testes, pituitary, or hypothalamus. Patients with ADS present with sexual dysfunction and infertility associated with small or shrinking testes with severe impairment in spermatogenesis. This systematic review focused on to find scientifically endorsed potential herbs or parts of herbs as dietetic adjuncts to increase circulating testosterone and thus improve the sexual performence.Using the search terms‘androgen’ OR ‘tetosterone’ OR ‘sex hormone’ OR ‘spermatogenesis’AND relevant ‘botanical name’ in the data base PubMed to filter the articles. Out of ninety three articles thirty two met the criteria to this systematic review. Single herbs and some formulations showed their potentiality to improve testosterone levels in blood and thus improved the sexual performance in rat model or in human. This review further surfaced the fact that these herbal interventions potentiate to ameliorate the testicular pathology which were induced by various testicular toxins.

Title: Promising herbal interventions to reverse Dyslipidemia: Evidence based information

Abstract:Hyperlipidaemia is a major concern in relation to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) including stroke, myocardial infarction and other cardio-vascular diseases (CVDs). Yet the conventional/ synthetic drugs prescribed for this condition on prolong administration beget various side effects. This systematic review was focused onto scrutinized the various herbs and herbal formulations indicated for this condition with no or minimal side effects. PubMed advanced and Google scholar wasused to filter article up to 2019 December. The search term such as, ‘hyperlipidemia’ OR ‘hypercholesterolaemia’ OR ‘lipid profile’ OR ‘LDL’ AND ‘botanical name’ of the respective herb combine was used. One hundred and nine articles were filtered and 49 were selected for this systematic review. There are many herbal consumables we use daily basis having lipid lowering properties. Human, animal and laboratory studies have proved their efficacies on hyperlipiidemia. However, lack of human trials creates a big gap and more human trials should be done to fortify the efficacy of anti-hyperlipidaemic action of the herbs with no or least side effects for the benefit of the humanity. Further, for the prevention and management of blood lipid disorders, the Government should take necessary steps to enhance public awareness regarding the use of these herbs (nutritional diet) to address this issue along with physical activities.

Title: The political economy of education reform: iPads for every student in Greenland

Abstract:The research, developed through a documentary analysis, observations and interviews aims to investigate the background for implementing education technologies in the form of iPads nationwide in the primary and lower secondary school system in Greenland. This article gives an overview of the general political economy of education reform in an Arctic context and specifically the ICT policy environment surrounding the iPad project, the implementation strategies and processes used with a focus on the coordination between the central and local governance levels. The results provide important insights into the ongoing, and forthcoming, implementation of a nationwide 1:1 iPad learning in the Greenland education system, and further argues that it is a complex whole system change, and therefore demands a corresponding implementation, evaluation and monitoring approach.


Abstract:Taking into account the importance in ecological terms, botanicals, zoos or limnological of the wetlands of Colombia, was posed as objective to characterize the phytoplankton in three systems muddy: the complex Pajarales (CPAJ), the way to the park island of Salamanca (VIPIS), and the Cienaga del Cerro San Antonio (CCSA), located in the Colombian Caribbean. In each swamp were established between 4 and 5 sampling stations, in each of them was determined dissolved oxygen, temperature, conductivity, transparency, nitrogen nutrients, phosphate and silicates. For the collection of phytoplankton samples, trawls were carried out with plankton mesh (qualitative) and by means of vandorn (quantitative) bottle, which were fixed with Transeau and Lugol solution respectively. In the laboratory, organisms were identified and quantified to the lowest possible taxonomic level. The results showed that each swamp presented particular characteristics according to its physicochemical conditions, and the dynamics influenced mainly by the mixture of freshwater and marine in CPAJ and VIPIS, while in CCSA was only freshwater. A total of 102 species of phytoplankton were found, although only13 of them were in the three systems. The marshes presented eutrophic characteristics, due to the abundance of phytoplankton, the dominance of cyanobacteria and the high concentrations of nutrients. It was observed a great redundancy of species within the swamps studied, product of a few resources exploited by the same group of organisms, in a competitive dynamic generated most likely by the pulse of flood of the river Magdalena in these Systems.

Title: Partial Discharge for Power Transformer with Very High Scalar

Abstract:Contrary to conventional partial discharge (PD) which is induced by the insulation degradation in power system, we detect PD induced by the oil bubble in the 345-kV power transformer. To prove PD is accurately induced by the oil bubble, we observe PD at 07:45 AM. At this time, the power transformer operates in light-load condition and no bubble appears, therefore, no PD occurs. Then, to check if bubble and PD occur at the same time, at 10:30 AM, the power transformer operates in full-load condition, the oil temperature increase to 55℃. Certainly, the bubbles are observed in the oil, also PD occurs. The bubble PD increases the power loss of the power transformer which raises the oil temperature again. To detect PD, the coil sensor is directly attached on the surface of the power transformer to increase the sensitivity of PD detection. PD occurs from the oil bubble, and then, the induced field propagates to the metal tank. The electric field attenuates within the skin depth, however, induction magnetic field passes through the tank and detected by the detecting coil. By using this method, it is found that PD occurs, strengthen, and finally, disappear. Then, relax for a short time, run another PD cycle again. The cycle time of PD is about 1-2 minutes. Therefore, from the bubble observation, partial discharge in the power transformer can be identified.


Abstract:This research discusses the progress made by the university sector in the use and management of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in this key sector of Colombian society. The debate is based on the latest theoretical-documentary trends on digital empowerment in this educational context and emphasizes not only the evolution of this concept from its implementation but also reflects the state of the art about the management of these technologies in the fields of teaching-learning at all levels of education. Both the bibliographic archaeology carried out, and the analysis of the different theoretical-documentary positions discussed, result in challenges and questions that remain to be solved in the different dimensions derived from digital empowerment. The approach to these challenges aims to promote and promote innovative technological education through digital empowerment that allows for a better relationship and interaction between the university sector and the rest of the key sectors of society where the professional will be trained.


Abstract:The Rhodophyta algae are a group of organisms whose chemistry has diversified to ecological and even evolutionary level, helped them to evade organism that consume them as food source (herbivore), pathogens and competitors by allelopathical action. The interaction of its secondary metabolites with the rest of the biological community components, represents a major importance in the temperate and tropical marine systems. Its secondary metabolites have used as medicinal and cosmetic agents mainly, even as food for cattle and human being, what makes them an important economic resource. This review pretends give a small introduction to secondary metabolites in Rhodophyta under general, ecological and applied aspects.

Title: Rapid-ecological assessment of macroinvertebrates associated to sea grass beds (Cabo de la Vela, La Guajira-Colombia)

Abstract:With the aim of making a Rapid Ecological Assessment of macroinvertebrates associated with sea grass present in the Cabo de la Vela in La Guajira. Ranked four sampling points along the coast designated as Puerto Bolivar (PB), Tourist Area (ZT), Fishing (ZP), and Rancheria Carrizal (RC), which took a biological sample in a direct way with a quadrant of 50 x 50 cm (0.25 m2), additionally took values for the following physico-chemical parameters in situ: pH, temperature (T), conductivity (EC), salinity, redox potential (Pot-redox), total dissolved solids (TDS), dissolved oxygen (DO), and turbidity. In addition, with water samples preserved in conditions of low temperature is conducted further analysis of total alkalinity and concentration of nitrite in water quality Laboratories of the University of La Guajira. Sediment was collected for the sieve analysis and organic potential; the findings showed a total of 167 organisms grouped in 19 families. The species with the greatest number of agencies were the bivalve Chione cancellata (38 organism) and the polychaete Hediste Diversicolor (28 organisms. In relation to the potential professional staff, the ZP, was in the area with the highest quantity (7%), while the RC was the point with a lesser amount (2%).The sieve analysis showed a similar trend, since only to the ZP very fine gravel presented a greater amount with respect to the rest of the fractions. his type of ecological evaluations, they help to inventory quickly and promptly the diversity of organism�s macroinvertebrates, as well as serve to know the available resources, and thus make a sustainable use.

Title: Will an integrated approach beneficial in the management of Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Abstract:Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic autoimmune disorder of unknown etiology. RA affects about 1% of world population and most commonly middle-aged women. Continuous intake of synthetic drugs, including NSAIDs beget many serious side effects. Researches revealed that some herbs arrest and/ or reverse the progression of the pathophysiological process of the RA with minimal or no adverse reactions. This study was focused to provide scientific evidences to recognize such herbs which are having the actions to halt the progression of the disease and promote the rejuvenation of the ailing joints. Data base PubMed advance, Google scholar were searched and 43 articles were selected out of the 54 articles filtered. Comparing the results of the study the level of efficacy of the herbs that are being prescribed now by the Herbalists exhibit the facts that the herbs mentioned in this study regulate tissue destruction and inhibits osteoclastogenisis in bones. In addition, they promote chondrogenesis, reduce inflammation, improve other RA symptoms, correct the biomarkers and lessen the destruction of bone and cartilage.