Abstract:Preventing the occurrence of destructive conflict remains one of the most problematic tasks for the corporation. The main purpose of the research is to explore measures that help in preventing agency conflict and advance corporate diplomacy with stakeholders in corporations. It covers the entire research process including: formulating research questions; measurement; research design expermental method. The research used the result from the authors� study of the years 2015-2018. The object of research is the Ukrainian companies, which have picked randomly from 10 regions: 31 public and 36 private joint-stock companies. The paper presents the results of the conflict prevention methods for developing successful corporate diplomacy under uncertainty conditions of Ukrainian corporation growth. The paper identifies organizational diplomacy as an essential strategy for corporation success. It sets out the stakeholders interests and their influence on the corporation. The article has proposed effective methods to prevent destructive impact of conflicts which can help to avoid risks and difficulties of the corporation.


Abstract:The article substantiates the need for state regulation of demographic processes, defines the essence of demographic policy, clarifies its main purpose, objectives and directions of implementation. The peculiarities of the economic and legal mechanism for public administration in the system of demographic policy implementation by Ukraine are revealed.

Title: Natural dietary intervention as Anti- ovarian cancer therapy

Abstract:The malignant diseases, especially ovarian cancer, are on the rise and difficult to treat. In the past two decades, there has been an increase in the incidence as well as survival rate amongst women with ovarian cancer. Herbs or plant-based formulations have been used to treat cancer for centuries. This study focused to find the easily available herbs/spices which showed its potentiality as anti- cancer property on ovarian cancer, and the way how they act in ameliorating the condition. Published journal article were filtered in PubMed and Google scholar. Search terms ‘Botanical name’ OR ‘common name’ combined with ‘ovarian tumour’ OR ‘ovarian cancer’ OR ‘ovarian carcinoma’ up to 2019. A total of 110 articles were filtered. Curcumin, Ginger Garlic, Aloe, fruits, seeds and leaves of Annonaceae species and Black nightshade showed high potentiality in prevention and reduce the growth and thereby shrink the ovarian tumour. Therefore the medical world should actively take prompt and appropriate measures to combat this condition by reintroducing the traditional food habits by declaring the slogan as “ make your kitchen as your first pharmacy” in preventing and treating diseases.

Title: Nonlinear second order integrodifferential variational inequalities

Abstract:In this paper, we deal with the regularity for the nonlinear\nintegrodifferential equations governed by the variational inequality in Hilbert spaces, and a variation of constant formula for solutions is established. It is to extend the regularity for solutions of second order variational inequalities to the nonlinear variational inequalities of hyperbolic type with nonlinear\nperturbations on condition of the Lipschitz continuity of the\nnonlinear terms.


Abstract:_The article studies the historical and legal genesis and current discourse of law to a fair trial at a new stage of the courts development in Ukraine. The conclusions are formulated and recommendations of a theoretical and practical nature are proposed on the topic of a scientific article.

Title: Cognitive Psychology Contribution to Foreign Languages Teaching

Abstract:Teaching foreign languages through reading with the consideration of cognitive differences in information acquisition is a means through which the development of students is advanced. The problem requires elaboration. The authors are interested in applying cognitive linguistics achievements to devise some strategies of effective foreign languages learning/teaching to facilitate the process of information acquisition through reading. The purpose of the study is to raise the awareness of the existence of two types of cognitive style learners to elaborate assignments to develop competences to bridge the cognitive differentiation gap. The chosen research methods include descriptive-analytical method based on the necessity to study theoretical works of theoretical works of domestic and foreign scholars; comparative-contrastive analysis helps to discover the cognitive similarities and differences between the convergent cognitive style learners and divergent cognitive style leaners to balance them. Convergent cognitive style learners are most effective in solving one possible task; divergent cognitive style learners are creative and are efficient when they are offered alternative variants. As convergent and divergent style, learners require different strategies applied to the process of extracting the necessary information certain assignments are offered from the text to overcome the cognitive differences of the learners. In conclusion, it should be stated that although learners are born with specific cognitive styles, they could be redirected due to a set of certain assignments. A modern textbook and teaching methodology should meet the requirements of the present day achievements of psycholinguistics and cognitive science in the field of language learning.

Title: Do dietary supplements counteract Atherosclerosis?

Abstract:Atherosclerosis is a progressive disease characterized by the accumulation of lipids and fibrous elements in the walls of the large arteries. Although statins worked for this, globe turned towards a positive nutritional aspect on to the conventional viewpoint on supplementations. The main aim of the study was to investigate easily available anti-atherogenic food supplements available in Sri Lanka and find the way how they are ameliorating the plaques with evidences. PubMed was searched using the keywords ‘Botanical name of the herb’ OR ‘Common name’ WITH the keyword ‘induced atherosclerosis OR ‘anti atherogenic’ OR ‘inhibiting atherogenesis’ up to 2019. In this review, Allium sativum (garlic), Punica granatum (pomegranate), Curcuma longa (curcumin), Zingiber officinale (ginger), and sesamun indicum (sesame) were proved their potentiality as anti atherogenic. All these nutritional herbs proved by animal studies that they have anti atherogenic property. In addition to that, garlic, pomegranate and curcumin were proved the effectiveness by randomized controlled trials, also (RCT). Authors suggested that patients who suffer with atheromatous plaque, the food supplements like garlic, pomegranate, turmeric, ginger and sesame can be consumed sufficient amount to counteract atherosclerosis with their usual medicaments.

Title: Structure of the flora and fauna associated with mangroves in the Gulf of Nicoya, Costa Rican Pacific

Abstract:In order to identify and inventory the vegetation and fauna present in four mangroves (Mata Limon, Puntarenas, Hermosa Beach- Punta Mala, and Playa Organos) of the Gulf of Nicoya, Cota Rica Pacific, four punctual field visits were made, in each one Delos Mangroves studied, following a rapid sampling protocol (RAP for its acronym in English), which consisted of visualizations of the vegetal organisms (nuclear and marginal) and faunal (vertebrates and invertebrates). A total of 60 species of vegetation were found for the area of study in general, of which seven are nuclear 49marginal and four optional marginal, as well as found the greater vegetal richness in the mangrove of Mata limon (S= 33). For its part, the fauna presented 115 species, registering seven mammals, 63 birds, nine reptiles, 14 molluscs and 21 arthropods. The greatest faunal richnesses were presented in Puntarenas and Playa Hermosa� Punta Mala with 49 species each. It could be noted that the four sites studied within the Gulf of Nicoya, showed low similarities according to the composition of species of flora and fauna, being spaces of equal ecological importance.

Title: Effect of Fertilizer Rates on Natural Radioactivity Concentration in Soil and Sugar Beet.

Abstract:The present work was established to study the impact of various rates from chemical fertilizer on the activity concentration of radionuclide in sandy loam soil and sugar beet. This work was performed at the cultivate of Nuclear Research Center, Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority, Tamyah, El Fayoum, Egypt during the winter season 2016/2017 with a randomized complete block design (RCBD). The specific activity of 226Ra, 232Th, and 40K in irrigation water, fertilizer, soil, and sugar beet roots have been determined by High purity germanium detector. The specific activity of 226Ra, 232Th, and 40K in soil samples ranged from 19.035- 25.101, 29.403 - 45.816 and 196.68 Bq kg-1 to 294.25 Bq kg-1, respectively, while in fresh sugar beet root, the specific activity of 226Ra, 232Th, and 40K are 0.606-3.835, 0.000-6.700 and 94.730-206.16 Bq kg-1 respectively. Transfer factor was also calculated and found to be range from 0.025-0.186, 0.00016-0.209 and 0.406-0.934 for 226Ra, 232Th, and 40K respectively.

Title: Living with type-II diabetes in Sri-Lanka and their food beliefs and fears to choice food: To clear the unknown facts

Abstract:Prevalence of diabetes among adults in Sri Lanka in 2016 was 8.5%. One in 12 adults in the country population suffers from diabetes, which totals to 1.16 million. In Sri-Lanka, diabetes patients have varies concepts on certain foods. Food items like sweet potato, manioc, beetroot, pumpkin, banana varieties, papaya and date fruit are some in this list. This study is focused to identify and to conclude with the scientific evidence that whether these food items increase the blood glucose level of the patients of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) or can be consumed without fear by them. PubMed was filtered for published, English language articles up to 2019. Altogether, 104 journal articles were filtered and 26 were eligible for the inclusion criteria. Duplicated information and diabetes-related articles which were not directly related to the review were rejected. Based on scientific evidence sweet potato, beet root, pumpkin, banana varieties, papaya and date fruits are safe to consume by diabetes but manioc induces diabetes in certain countries. Insufficiency in the research evidences of different verities of banana and cucurbita family foods was a gap. This review concludes that beetroot and sweet potato can be used as a natural source of hypoglycemic food for DM. Consuming certain cucurbita and banana (Musa paradisiaca), papaw and date fruits are safe in DM patients but not manioc.